Hello folks, and welcome to the blog page of J & J Construction Fence – a leading concrete contractor in DeKalb, IL. Here you will find plenty of helpful hints on concrete work and the major concrete mixes that you can work with. In our first post, we would like to start with a topic that will be very helpful for all our customers, and that is common concrete problems and how to solve them.

Is Hiring a Reliable Concrete Contractor the Answer?

If your newly poured ready-mixed concrete driveway has layers peeling away, then you definitely need to start thinking about a solution for this issue as soon as you can. Here are other problems which may be the leading causes for this major issue:
Discoloration. If a certain concrete placement no longer has a uniform color, this should be the first indication of an upcoming problem for you to notice.
Scalding. This is concrete cracking which appears most commonly as a result of extreme heat or fire that came in close contact with the concrete.
Shrinkage. It is difficult to make concrete which does not shrink when it gets dry because concrete changes its volume, no matter how professionally it is mixed. Cracks will appear sooner or later.
Crazing. When fine random cracks appear on your concrete surface, you may need an inspection from a local concrete contractor.

All these problems may be avoided by:

  • Properly finishing the concrete surface.
  • Inconsistent Acid staining
  • Treating concrete surfaces with extra attention right after they have been laid in order not to damage them.
  • Using concrete forms that are in a good shape.
  • Investing in better quality concrete mixes for the most important projects.
  • Avoiding hard troweling exterior concrete.

To learn the secrets of avoiding concrete issues, you can always contact our concrete contractor at (815) 895-5137! We will tell you some secret tips to help you avoid frequent concrete renovation projects!


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