The Definitive Concrete Works

Are you looking for a dependable concrete contractor in DeKalb, IL? You do not have to look far because J & J Construction Fence is here to help you with your concrete concerns. But we are not your typical concrete works expert. We want to show our clients the versatility of this incredibly popular construction material. If you want to know more, you should continue reading this article.



This is one of the most popular of our concrete works services. Before we begin working, we would ask you the purpose of building this foundation. If you are planning to create a patio or a fountain, we highly suggest choosing shallow foundations. But if this foundation if for something more complex, deep foundations is the only way to go. We would set 2-foot footings so that there would be ample space for the construction.


We will align boards that will help in building the form of the footing. Considering that we can no longer make any adjustments once the concrete mixture is poured, we would ask you to inspect the construction site. This will help you visualize the output. Once you are satisfied with the setup, we will make the concrete mix. Now we are ready to complete the project by pouring the concrete mix.


Stamped Concrete

As we have mentioned earlier, we want to show you how versatile concrete is. With our expertise, we can use it to beautify your patio or your floor with this kind of concrete work. This is possible because concrete can mimic other construction materials such as brick or cobblestone. You can get their look without having to dig deep into your pockets.


So if you are in need of a reliable concrete contractor for some construction project for your house in DeKalb, IL, you should immediately ask help from J & J Construction Fence. We will be more than happy to help you with it. All you need to do is call us at (815) 895-5137.



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